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Flowserve Logix 3200 Digital Positioner

The Flowserve Logix® 3200MD+ Digital HART® Positioner utilizes state-of-the-art piezo technology to provide superior performance and reliability. The Logix® 3200MD+ can be easily configured using the local buttons or the ValveSightTM DTM. The Logix® 3200MD+ is designed to withstand severe environments; it is equipped with over 100 helpful warning alarms that can warn against potential failure of the valve, actuator and positioner. When utilized with the ValveSightTM DTM Software many diagnostic tools are available to quickly diagnose problems and potential issues.


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Flowserve Logix 3800 Digital Positioner

The Logix 3800 digital positioner helps plant owners and operators maximize production while minimizing operating costs.

Compatible with linear and rotary valves and actuators, the robust design of the Logix 3800 delivers high reliability in tough environments. It provides unparalleled modularity and versatility within a single unit. Its ability to handle double- or single-acting, linear and rotary applications reduces inventory costs and contributes to a lower total cost of ownership. Installation is simplified with an innovative, one-button quick calibration feature.

Users will also realize improvements in process uptime, reliability and process throughput. Advanced diagnostics not only identify developing problems in the control valve, but also help guide corrective actions to ensure reduced return-to-operation times.


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Flowserve Norbro 40R Series Actuator

For many years the Flowserve Norbro name has been recognised as the leading actuator for industry. Norbro’s aim has always been to provide high performance products which combine reliability, long life and ease of maintenance with operational safety and a modular design concept which allows simple attachment of a variety of accessories. The Norbro Series 40R brings all of these factors together to provide the finest pneumatic actuator available today. More recently Norbro has added two variants to its pneumatic actuator range – the Series 61 two-stage actuator for dosing applications and the Series 33 a 180 degree actuator.

Product Literature: Norbro 40R Series.pdf

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Flowserve PMV EP5 Electro Pneumatic Positioner

The EP5 electropneumatic positioner is adapted from the PMV P5 pneumatic positioner. This compact and sturdy unit is designed for maximum performance in all types of environments. The EP5 is available in Standard, Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof versions. A modular feedback unit F5 allows for the addition of limit switches and/or position transmitters, without additional mounting brackets.

Other features include: Replaceable filter, gauge ports, dampers, tapped exhaust port for venting of supply media, external zero adjustment and completely sealed cover. ATEX; CSA & FM approvals.


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Flowserve Series 75 Electric Rotary Actuator

Flowserve Series 75 Electric Actuators from Worcester Norbro Actuation Systems add a new dimension of operational dependability and flexibility to modern processes controlled by computers, programmable controllers and other electric control equipment. A multi-function capability permits use of the Worcester Norbro Series 75 actuator throughout the process for on/off, throttling, variable-cycle and any analog or digital control. One of the most reliable electric actuators on the market.

Series 75 actuators can assit in the automating of ball valves and other quarter-turn valves or devices requiring rotary operators. Moreover, their ability to provide power in both directions through selected arcs from 20° through 300° makes them ideal for control of heating, ventilating and air conditioning duct systems and automatic, remotely operated equipment.

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Flowserve Valtek NAF Triple Offset Butterfly Valve

Flowserve Valtek Torex TX High performance Butterfly Valve are compact, modular-built, high performance packages that are optimized for exact control and cost-effective continuous operation. They have an extremely long life span as all parts are of highest quality. And they’ll still be safe in the future as they use advanced technology and innovative solutions.

Flowserve Valtek Torex TX High performance Butterfly Valve is a High-performance, triple-offset, metal- or soft-seated butterfly valve frequently used for isolation or on-off applications, but equally suitable for control, especially on high-flow, low-pressure applications.

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Flowserve Valtek Valdisk BX Control Valve

The Flowserve Valtek Valdisk BX is a double offset butterfly control valve designed to meet the most routine and the most rigid service requirements. The Flowserve Valtek Valdisk BX High Performance Valve is a superior quality, ASME Class 150 and 300 valve, available in standard PFA and optional UHMWPE, fire sealed, APEX and TriFlex metal seated versions. Offered in 2″ (50 mm) through 36″ (900 mm) sizes and in both wafer and lug body designs, all valves are available with a wide variety of packing options to meet the most routine and the most rigid service requirements.

The Flowserve Valdisk BX control valve is a rugged and dependable butterfly style control valve. It is available in carbon steel, CF8M, Monel, Hastelloy C and other alloys, ANSI Classes 150 and 300, sizes 2 through 30-inch. Available with soft PFA/Viton seat, Firesafe sealed, or TriFlex metal seats. The Valdisk BX complies with ASME B16.10, B16.34, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.10, MSS SP68, MSS SP61, API 598, API 607, API 609, and ISO 5752.


  • Modern, simple, and trouble free design
  • Self-centering seat for tight shut-off
  • Tight bi-directional shut-off
  • ASME Class 150 & 300, PN 10, -16, -20, -25, -40 drilling
  • Low profile disk for higher flow rates

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Flowserve Worcester C44 Cryogenic Ball Valve

Flowserve Worcester’s experience and expertise in the design of cryogenic ball valves has been recognised throughout the process industry for over 30 years. Utilising a combination of our Fluorofill seat material and our unique 'S' gasket body seal, the valve provides positive shut-off in the most demanding of cryogenic applications. From the original C44 R5 and MC44 designs the seat and body seals have remained a constant feature and with both products now rationalised into the C44 R7, additional technical advantages have been included to provide the best cryogenic ball valve on the market. The Worcester 3-piece ball valve offers a number of technical advantages over other types of valve.

High Flow Rate. The high Cv available from a ball valve compared with a globe valve makes the C44 ideal for loading stations where speed of delivery is critical. The valve is also available as full bore up to DN40 as the C59 series.

Low Body Mass. The one-piece design minimises the mass of the body and therefore makes the valve economic to use. It also provides a weight advantage, making the valve ideal for road tankers and other transportation requirements.

Ease of Operation. The unique low torque seat design and the 90 degree operation of the ball valve makes it ideal for use with both pneumatic and electric actuators with the additional benefit of rotary control if required. When manually operated, the lever provides visual indication of the valve orientation (open or closed) which is critical in the safe loading and unloading of liquid gases.

Ease of Maintenance. The 3-piece concept provides the benefit of easy maintenance through the “slide out” body method.