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Flowserve Limitorque LRP Pneumatic Actuator

LRP Limitorque Rack and Pinion Actuator Series
Limitorque is the brand customers trust when safe, reliable and robust valve automation is demanded in the most arduous operating conditions. Used in a vast range of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, and steel production, the Limitorque range of electric, scotch yoke and rack and pinion actuators guarantee precision valve control in challenging applications.
The Limitorque LRP provides durable functionality and prolonged service life through unique features such as piston support rods within the actuator, ensuring that side loads generated by the pistons are transmitted through bearings in the end cap and not the body. This eliminates the need for the body to be used as a loadbearing surface and promotes longer service life. The support rod design of the Limitorque LRP actuator distinguishes it from the standard rack and pinion design and offers reliable operation, performance stability and longer service life.
In addition to offering improved operational safety and ease of maintenance, the modular LRP design provides greater application flexibility for easy fitting and interchangeability of ancillary equipment, making it one of the finest pneumatic actuators available today.
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Flowserve Limitorque MX Electric Actuator

The MX is the Flowserve Limitorque product entry in the non-intrusive, double-sealed, smart electronic actuator marketplace. Originally introduced to the market in 1997, the MX is built upon a wealth of experience and performance in the valve actuation industry. Having been readily accepted into all major market segments, including Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Water/Waste Water Treatment, the MX can be found on all six habitable continents and has proven itself in the field as rigorous, reliable, and easy to use.


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