Flowserve Apex 5000 Pneumatic Positioner

Flowserve Apex 5000 Pneumatic Positioner

The Automax Apex 5000 Pneumatic Positioner provides accurate valve positioning with advanced features. It may be used with 3-15 psi pneumatic control signals, or fitted with a current-to-pressure tranducers for 4-20 mA signal input . The Automax Apex is available with many options including: limit switches, position feedback transmitter, speed controls, NAMUR shaft, and our Pharos visual position indicator.

Please Note: This product is now obsolete and has been superseded by the Automax Apex 7000 Pneumatic Positioner.


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Non-Interactive Span Adjustment reduces calibration time.

Adjustable Gain allows positioner sensitivity adjustment without removing or replacing components.

Corrosion Resistant Materials. All exposed parts are either stainless steel, or aluminum treated to permit use in corrosive environments.
Captive Cover Screws permit calibration without potential for losing screws.

Optional Pharos Visual Position Indicator provides fully adjustable, high-contrast, full-angle viewing of valve position.

Field Upgradeable. The Automax Apex 5000 is field-upgradeable to any of three electro-pneumatic options without removing the cover.

Please Note this product has now be upgraded to the Automax Apex 7000 Pneumatic Positioner

Product Description

Three spool valve options plus an adjustable gain system make the Automax Apex well suited for use with all pneumatic rotary actuator types including: Rack-and-Pinion, Heavy Duty, Vane, and others. The Automax Apex is equally well-suited for use with pneumatic linear actuators and cylinders. The Automax Apex may be installed on any actuator conforming to the NAMUR standard.

Automax also offers a full line of mounting hardware for non-NAMUR actuators.

The Automax Apex housing is constructed from durable die-cast aluminum and treated with a dichromate undercoat and polyester powder top coat for protection against the toughest applications in all process industries.

Please Note: This product is now obsolete and has been superseded by the Automax Apex 7000 Pneumatic Positioner.