Flowserve Apex 8000 Pneumatic Positioner

Flowserve Apex 8000 Pneumatic Positioner

The Flowserve Automax APEX 8000 positioner provides outstanding control for a wide range of valves and dampers. The APEX 8000 High-performance positioners feature a unique two-stage stage pneumatic relay that provides un-rivaled performance. This two-stage relay allows end users exceptional control traditionally found only in digital positioners.

The Flowserve APEX 8000 line also utilizes a modular design that allows maximum flexibility for the end user. The high visibility UltraDome Indicator allows plant personnel to quickly and easily identify valve status. Multiple current-to-pressure (I-P) options are available to convert the APEX pneumatic positioner into a 4-20mA electro-pneumatic positioner. The I-P's are available as a stand alone item and are globally certified for hazardous locations applications as well as weatherproof and intrinsically safe installations.

The Flowserve Apex 8000 positioners are easily calibrated with minimal tools required and provide years of accurate, reliable service. The non-interactive zero and span calibration permits quick and easy calibration. A unique gain adjustment allows the user to better match the postioner to actuator dynamics. Multiple cam options allow the user to select from a wide range of positioning characteristics: standard 3-15 psi, split ranging, 180° direct and reverse acting are easily accomplished with the standard cam configuration. Other options are available upon request.

In addition, the Flowserve APEX 8000 allows options for transmitters and end of travel limit switches to be mounted internally. (General purpose and Division 2 applications only). For Division 1 applications, the Flowserve APEX 8000 is available with a top-mounted UltraSwitch option for discrete or analog feedback.

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Product Description

Flowserve Automax APEX 8000 positioners may be used to control quarter-turn control valves such as eccentric plug, butterfly, segmented ball, standard ball, and plug valves.  The Flowserve Automax APEX 8000’s sensitive two-stage relay also makes it ideal for precise damper control applications.

Specify the Flowserve Automax APEX 8000 positioner whenever valve rotation sensitivity is critical.

The Flowserve Automax APEX 8000 positioner may be installed on any quarter-turn valve actuator conforming to the NAMUR standard for accessory  mounting bolt pattern and pinion height without a coupler. This reduces deadband and is less expensive.

The Flowserve Automax APEX 8000 housing is constructed from durable die-cast aluminum. The housing is anodized for internal corrosion  resistance, then coated with epoxy powder for external resistance to harsh chemicals



Two-Stage Pilot Relay provides fast, sensitive response characteristics for precise control of critical control valves and dampers.
Non-interactive Span Adjustment reduces calibration time.
Adjustable Gain allows positioner sensitivity adjustment for a wide range of valve/actuator applications.
Corrosion Resistant Materials. All exposed parts are either stainless steel or epoxy powder coated anodized aluminum to permit use in corrosive environments.
Optional UltraDome Visual Position Indicator provides adjustable, high-contrast, full-angle viewing of valve position.
Field Upgradable. The Automax APEX 8000 is field-upgradable to a number of electro-pneumatic options without removing the cover. Limit switches or a 4-20 mA position transmitter may be installed with basic tools.
Vibration Resistant. High natural frequency and pneumatic dampening make the Automax APEX 8000 unaffected by vibrations with accelerations up to 2 G’s and frequencies to 500 Hz.
Product Literature: Apex 8000.pdf