Flowserve Logix 3200 Digital Positioner

Flowserve Logix 3200 Digital Positioner

The Flowserve Logix® 3200MD+ Digital HART® Positioner utilizes state-of-the-art piezo technology to provide superior performance and reliability. The Logix® 3200MD+ can be easily configured using the local buttons or the ValveSightTM DTM. The Logix® 3200MD+ is designed to withstand severe environments; it is equipped with over 100 helpful warning alarms that can warn against potential failure of the valve, actuator and positioner. When utilized with the ValveSightTM DTM Software many diagnostic tools are available to quickly diagnose problems and potential issues.


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Product Description

The Logix 3200MD digital positioner is a two-wire 4-20 mA input digital valve positioner. The positioner is configurable through the local user interface. The Logix 3200MD utilizes the HART protocol to allow two-way remote communications with the positioner. The Logix 3200MD positioner can control both double- and single-acting actuators with linear or rotary mountings. The positioner is completely powered by the 4-20mA input signal. Start up current must be at least 3.6 mA without AO card or 3.85 mA with AO card.


• Intrinsically Safe Rated Class 1 Division 1 Groups A-D
• Non-Incendive Rated Class 1 Division 2 Groups A-D
• Explosionproof Class 1 Division 1 Groups B-D; Class 2 Division 1 Groups E-G

Operating Parameters

-52 to 85 °C (-62 to 185 °F)

Features and Benefits

• Fast, easy, and accurate calibration
• Optional LCD Display
• Local status LED’s
• Superior control, high air capacity, low air consumption
• Simple installation
• Auto Tuning with Dynamic Gain Selection
• Accurate and reliable service
• Easy to maintain
• Local DIP Switches/Calibration Buttons
• Utilizes HART 5, 6 and 7


Local status LED’s.
Local DIP Switches/Calibration Buttons.
Auto Tuning with dynamic gain selection.
Utilizes HART 6.
Simple calibration via local interface.
Product Literature: Logix-3400MD-Series.pdf