Automax PMV WS/WM Series Switchbox

Automax PMV WS/WM Series Switchbox

WS/WM series switchbox is a simple switchbox with many features.

The WS/WM Series UltraSwitch™ provides cost efficient, accurate and reliable position signaling. The compact enclosure is offered in aluminum or corrosion resistant engineered resin and is provided with multiple switch options.

The range covers domed and flat indicators as well as covers without indicator for a lower profile. The WS/WM is designed to be directly and easily mounted onto actuators for both rotary and linear indication.

It is designed to meet IP66/67 and NEMA Type 4X standards and is offered both for Intrinsically Safe and Non-Incendive hazardous locations.


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The Flowserve Automax WS/WM switch box is an intrinsically safe and non-incendive compact switch box for chemical, petrochemical, food and beverage, municipal, wastewater and pharmaceutical applications. Meets requirements for ATEX and cCSAus hazardous locations and has a compact, cost efficient design.
To order the WS/WM Series Switchbox, please see below the part/switch options:
Brand sticker
X = Automax
B = Automax painted blue (RAL 5000)
A = Accord
W = Worcester Controls
Shaft type
N = NAMUR shaft, EN 15714
S = Low profile shaft
T = For NAF Turnex
D = Double “D” 1/4 Inch Flats
Body style
WS = General Purpose/I.S. Enclosure / 1/2″ NPT Conduit entries
WM = General Purpose/I.S. Enclosure / M20x1,5mm Conduit entries
Number of conduit entries
2 = 2 conduit entries
4 = 4 conduit entries. (2 according to “C” + entries opposite side with different type of threading.)
Body material
A = Aluminium
R = Engineered resin
Cover material
A = Aluminium
R = Engineered resin (Only Available if Certification selection is 14)
P = Polycarbonate Cover (clear)
1 = No indicator (F = A or R only)
2 = Flat Arrow Indicator Yellow / Black
H = Black / Yellow Ultradome (Yellow open/Black Close)
U = Standard Ultradome (Red Close/Green Open)
Number of switch elements
0 = No switches (empty housing)
1 = 1 Switch
2 = 2 Switches
Switch type – Standard
00 = No switches (empty housing)
D1 = Device net
F1 = IN5129 10-36VDC 3-Wire (Only Available if Certification selection is 14)
F3 = IF5250, 10-36VDC NC PNP, 150mA, 3-wire NC
F5 = IF6001, 18-32VDC, NO PNP, 150mA@50°C
F6 = IF6034, 10-36VDC, NO PNP, 150mA, Stainless steel
F7 = IN0074, 20-250 AC/DC, NO, 350mA/100mA
F8 = IN0081, 20-250 AC/DC, NO, 350mA/100mA w/LED (Only Available if Certification selection is 14)
F9 = N0097 IN-2002-ABOA RT
FB = IF5249, 10-36VDC NO PNP, 150mA, 3-wire NO
FC = IF5718, 10-36VDC NO PNP/NPN, 150mA, plastic
FE = NS5003 IS-2002-N
FG = IS5070 FB3004-APKG
FH = IS5001 IS-3002-BPOG
FJ = IN5263 IN-2002-FRKG/PH RT
FK = NS5002 IS-2002-N
FZ = AS-i 2:1 Controller card 2x P4 switches
M1 = SPDT Mechanical 15A @ 250VAC ; 0,5A@125VDC
MG = SPDT Mechanical – Gold Contacts
N1 = NJ4-12GM40-E
N2 = NJ2-12GK-N
N3 = SJ3,5-S1N
N4 = NJ2-12GK-SN
N5 = NJ4-12GK40-E
N6 = NJ4-12GK40-E1
N7 = NBB2-V3-E0
N8 = NJ2-V3-N
N9 = NBB3-V3-Z4
NA = NBN4-12GM40-E2
NB = NJ2-12GM-N
NC = NJ4-12GM-N
ND = NCB2-12GM40-Z1
NE = NCB2-12GM35-N0
NF = NCN4-12GM35-N0
NG = NJ5-11-N-G
NH = NCB4-12GM40-N0
NK = NCN4-12GM40-Z0
NL = NCB2-V3-N0
NM = NJ2-11-SN-G
NN = NBB2-V3-E2
NP = SJ3.5-N
NQ = NJ4-12GK-N
NR = NJ4-12GM40-E1
NS = NJ4-12GM40-E2
NT = NJ4-12GK40-E2
NV = NJ2-11-N-G
NW = SJ3,5-SN
NX = NBB2-V3-E3
NY = NJ4-12GK-SN
P4 = SPST Proximity
P5 = SPDT Proximity
PE = Sabre™ SPDT Proximity
PP = Phazer™ SPDT Proximity
PT = Phazer BRS™ SPST Proximity
R1 = NBB3-V3-Z4-3G-3D
R2 = NBB2-V3-E3-3G-3D
R3 = NBN4-V3-E2-3G-3D
14 = General Purpose
15 = Atex Eex ia
28 = cCSAus NI
29 = cCSAus IS