Flowserve Automax RG Steel Scotch Yoke Actuator

Flowserve Automax RG Steel Scotch Yoke Actuator

Double Acting or Spring Return Scotch Yoke Actuator

The Automax RG Series replaces the Automax R Series and Automax RM Series, The Automax RG provides up to 248,000 Nm of heavy-duty Scotch yoke torque. Enhanced performance is achieved by using a superior yoke support system that significantly reduces transverse loads.

The RG series scotch yoke actuator is available in Double-Acting, Spring Return and Canted Yoke designs. Torques up to 2.2 million in-lbs in eight models.

The RG series Spring Return Actuators, in contrast with R-series, use Pull-to-Compress the spring design. Has torque module with symmetrical or canted yokes and override options: Direct Drive Jackscrew, Bevel Gear Jackscrew or Hydraulic Override further providing flexible construction.

Product Literature: Automax RG Series Heavy Duty Actuator.pdf

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• True Modular Design

• On-Off, Multi-Position and Throttling

• Pneumatic, Gas and Hydraulic Models

• Spring Return “Fail Safe” and Double Acting

Automax RG Series Heavy-Duty Scotch Yoke Actuator Features

IP67M Ingress Protection

O-Rings or dynamic quad seals are utilized to conform to IP67M specifications, ensuring

Modular Construction optimal ingress protection. The Pressure, Torque and Spring Modules are designed for maximum flexibility, reduced envelope dimensions and weight.