Elastomer Lined Wafer Butterfly Valve

Elastomer Lined Wafer Butterfly Valve

The Z011A is the world famous wafer pattern butterfly valve, suitable for a variety of applications with a wide range of liners available. The valve has consistent torques for actuation with low reliable torques, ISO 5211 mounting and to suit a variety of flange arrangements. A universally applicable wafer type valve acc. to EN 593. The large variety of basic materials allows applications in different industries.
Aluminium version.  Available Sizes: DN 50 – DN 400

Technical data

Nominal diameter:
DN 20 – DN 1200  (DN 20 only PN10/16)

EN 558 Series 20 (DIN 3202 T3 K1)
ISO 5752 Series 20
API 609 Table 1
BS 5155 Series 4

Flange accommodation:
DIN 2501 PN 6/10/16
ANSI B 16.5, Class 150
MSS SP44 Class 150
AWWA C 207
AS 2129 Table D and E
BS 10 Table D and E
JIS B 2211-5 K
JIS B 2212-10 K

Lap-joint flange:
DIN 2641 and DIN 2642

Weld-on flange:
DIN 2576

Flange Surface Design:
DIN 2526, Form A-E, ANSI RF

Top flange:
EN ISO 5211 NF E 29-402


Tightness check:
EN 12266 (Leakage rate A)
ISO 5208, Category 3
API 598 Table 5
ANSI B 16-104, Class VI

Temperature range:
–20 °C to + 210 °C (depending on pressure, medium and material)

Operating pressure:
max. 16 bar

Differential pressure:
max. p 16 bar

0,2 bar absolute (depending on medium and temperature)


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– Absolutely tight sealing with flow in either direction
– The valve body and disc are accurately machined which
results in low operating torque and long service life and
– Triple shaft bearings prevent shaft deflection and guarantee
optimum guidance even after many years of operational service
– Four flange mounting holes ensure correct valve location when
– Single flange mounting is possible (please request details from
our Technical Department)
– Can be installed in any desired position
– Maintenance-free
– Can be disassemble, material-specific recycling possible


– Chemical and petrochemical industries
– Water and waste water technology
– Pneumatic materials handling technology
– Shipbuilding
– Power generation industry
– Food industry
– For paint and lacquers, a silicon-free version is available
– Transport of hazardous materials (EN 14432)

Nominal diameter: DN 20 – DN 1200 (DN 20 only PN 10/16)
Face-to-face: EN 558 Series 20, ISO 5752 Series 20, API 609 Table 1
Flange accommodation: EN 1092 PN 6/10/16, ASME Class 150, AS 4087 PN 16
Flange Surface Design: EN 1092 Form A /B, ASME RF, FF
Top flange: EN ISO 5211
Marking: EN 19
Tightness check: EN 12266 (Leakage rate A) ISO 5208, Category 3
Temperature range: -40°C to +200°C (depending on pressure, medium and material)
Operating pressure: max. 16 bar