Flowserve Limitorque MX Electric Actuator

Flowserve Limitorque MX Electric Actuator

The MX is the Flowserve Limitorque product entry in the non-intrusive, double-sealed, smart electronic actuator marketplace. Originally introduced to the market in 1997, the MX is built upon a wealth of experience and performance in the valve actuation industry. Having been readily accepted into all major market segments, including Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Water/Waste Water Treatment, the MX can be found on all six habitable continents and has proven itself in the field as rigorous, reliable, and easy to use.


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Product Description

What sets the multi-turn MX actuator apart is the combination of control and reliability facilitated by advanced Flowserve Limitorque technology, plus superior ergonomics and human interfaces for speed, comfort, and ease of use. The MX employs a graphical dot matrix display with local control switches to deliver instant, up-to-the-second actuator status and valve position in eleven languages. This interface also provides local actuator control as well as simple calibration and diagnostic information including motor voltage, identification, hardware and software data, and torque profile log reports.

The MX electronic actuator is the platform for current and future network developments including Modbus DDC, Foundation Fieldbus H1, Profibus DP_V1, Profibus_ PA, and DeviceNet. Distinguishing itself from the competition, the MX actuator features an absolute encoder which doesn’t require battery back-up and is designed with B.I.S.T. (Built In Self Test) capability for self-diagnosis. Additional features include LimiGard circuitry, which safeguards the actuator from spurious electro-magnetic interference, MX Quik, providing an uninterrupted power transfer option during main power losses, and Limitorque’s namesake feature – torque sensing.

The MX multi-turn electronic actuator can provide torque output of up to 1700 ft. lbs and is available in a wide variety of configurations to accommodate various applications and valve designs. For torque-only applications, the MX can be directly coupled with valves. Thrust applications rely on a separate thrust base that is available.  The MX can additionally be coupled to a PT or HBC worm gear reducer for operation on part-turn valves such as butterflies, balls, plugs, and dampers. For rising stem valve applications the MX can be coupled with a B320 or MT bevel gear reducer.

The Flowserve Limitorque MX has been selected as the electronic actuator of choice by a variety of prominent companies such as The Department of Environmental Protection of the City of New York, Saudi Aramco, Chevron, Calpine, Alyeska Pipeline, and SINOPEC.  The MX actuator provides the user with predictable, reliable and safe operation for years to come, in the most rigorous applications and extreme environments. Whatever your valve automation needs, look no farther than Limitorque’s multi-turn MX smart electronic actuator.


Redundant absolute encoder with B.I.S.T. – never needs batteries
Graphical dot-matrix display allows 180-degree rotation of text, diagnostic graphs and supports 11 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Malay, Mandarin, Katakana, and Turkish.
Torque ranges from 20 lb.ft. to 1700 lb.ft.
Double-sealed terminal block compartment prevents moisture ingress into controls enclosure.
Available with arctic temperature to -60°C & solid-state starter options.
Optional Bluetooth® wireless connectivity with a range up to 10 meters. When used with Flowserve Limitorque Dashboard™ Windows®-based software, diagnostic information is easily transferred to a PDA, laptop computer or cell phone.

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