Mars Series 33 SN Ball Valve

Mars Series 33 SN Ball Valve

A Three Piece 3 Way L or T Port designed, side entry Full Bore ball valve, with outside body bolt, CF8M/316, Screwed BSP or Female thread connection, Butt or Socket Weld. This Direct mount valve is suitable for direct actuation offering superior performance and reliability. Pressure rating 1000 PSI WOG, 5 Seat design Reinforced PTFE with live loaded chevron. Available in either L port (Diverter Valve) or T port (Mixer Valve). Can be operated manual lever or automated (Please see Actuation and speak to our technical sales team).

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Product Description


3-WAY, 4WAY, 5-WAY

Direct Mount Design
Size: 1/2″ – 4″ 1000 PSI max.
■ True Tube Full PORT
■ Cavity Filler Seats Available
■ Compact design, easy wash-downs
and cleaning
Body,Ends: 316L S/S
Ball,Stem: 316L S/S
Ends: Tri-clamp Tube OD Butt Weld
Seats: PTFE

Body Constuction: Three piece body, full bore.
Body: 316L stainless steel to ASTM A351-CF3M.
End Connections: Tri-Clamp.
Pressure: 1/2″ – 4″ 1000 psi (69 bar)
Ball & Stem 316L stainless steel.